Custom Universe is an Internet-based B2B communication platform company. It was founded on April 2000 and headed by leaders from the world’s prestigious universities and corporations. They are headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, with one field office that is located in Lexington, Massachusetts. The company strongly believes that the businesses today have a long way to go to become truly e-businesses.

For Custom Universe, an e-business should be able to conduct business on the Internet without human intervention by being able to exchange information, data, monetary currency, and many more. An e-business should be able to easily communicate with other e-businesses on the Internet in a secure and real-time fashion with provisions for necessary error checking, notification, and auto-corrections. It's no longer sufficient to streamline the processes within the enterprise. Businesses have to think about streamlining processes across trading partners.

Sirvisetti Systems makes it easy for businesses to conduct business on the Internet with minimal or no human intervention at all. Their goal is to take the e-businesses on the Internet to the next level by enabling them to actively communicate with each other in a secure and real time fashion. They develop and deploy standards-based business interfaces to e-businesses on the Internet. The Sirvisetti Systems makes it really easier to exchange a document with suppliers or transfer an employee record from a ASP-hosted environment to an internal system.

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  • Telephone Number: 732-563-6869
    FAX Number: 732-563-6269
    Postal address: 15 Kensington Drive, Piscataway, New Jersey, 08854
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